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Manufacturer of high voltage power supplies

Compact X-ray devices development


A miniature X-ray source designed in our company uses the innovative construction of electron optics and an electron beam emitter fabricated with Xe-PFIB technology.


The device includes advanced, electronic control system, that effectively and safely operates high voltage. Thanks to that, parameters of our device are significantly improved when compared with currently available products.

  • safe dose of radiation
  • small dimensions
  • ON/OFF mode with immediate X-ray disappearance
  • safe, integrated power supply
  • low power consumption
  • modulation of radiation power
  • shock-proof construction

Areas of application

  • medical diagnostics
  • quality control in pharmacy
  • material analysis
  • electronics and coating inspection (quality control)
  • border control
  • industrial imaging

Contact details

Compact X

ul. Bierutowska 57-59
51-317 Wrocław

+48 698 777 921